Day 222!

Harry Potter: I iz happy camper.

I did the 30DS, and am considering it Day 8 even though I’m not entirely sure. Also, it’s been a month since I started, and it hard to believe that I’ve only done it 8 times. It feels like a million times!

Then, afterward, still had plenty of energy (which I consider an improvement!), so I jumped on the treadmill.

  • 400 meters walking at 3.5ish
  • 350 meters running at 5.0
  • 50 meters at 5.3
  • 400 meters at 3.5ish
  • 350 meters at 5.0
  • 50 meters at 5.3
  • 400 meters at 3.1

Ended up being 1.5 miles. Running at 5.0 is a 12:00 minute mile, and now that I know what that feels like, ohhh boy!We’ll get there in time.

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